My cruise ship headliner performances consist of two very different 45 minute shows.  I have sheet music to perform with a house band or I can perform with my full professionally produced tracks.  For land-based shows I can arrange a live band.


Let’s Get Loud! 

An unforgettable celebration of Latin American heritage and music icons! Experience a night filled with hits from legends like Linda Ronstadt, Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, and more. This high-energy, interactive show is a fusion with Latin soul and Americanized flair, promising an evening of fun, dance, and pure musical joy for everyone. Get ready to groove and be part of an electrifying experience that'll have you on your feet all night long!


Open Arms:

 In this heartfelt tribute to her inspirations like Journey, James Brown, The Beatles, and Alicia Keys, Gabie showcases not just her vocals but more of her piano skills too. Sharing her story of perseverance and determination, this beautiful show is a dedication to her loved ones. Join Gabie with open arms and let this incredible performance lift your spirits, offering a mix of love, laughter, and soul that'll leave you feeling truly uplifted!

Lets Get Loud Promo
Open Arms Promo

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Solo Artist

Residing in Las Vegas, I perform in various lounges and venues on and off the Vegas strip.  Playing either piano or guitar to accompany my singing all the hits from the 1950s up thru current Top 40.  I also frequently entertain at private parties and corporate events. Please scroll down to the contact form to book me.

Piano Promo :

Guitar Promo : 


Vocal Teacher

If you're in need of vocal lessons, you've found the right teacher!  Graduating from New York Vocal Coaching in 2021 (under direction of Justin Stoney), I've advanced my knowledge of vocal health, vocal breathing, vocal technique, vocal styles and much more. Please contact for more info and pricing.

 New York Vocal School Alumni : https://voiceteachertraining.com/alumni#gabie-lopez

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The Pretty Pistols

If you need a dynamic duo for any event, look no further! Pretty Pistols consists of Gabie Lopez and Hannah Brady. Their incredible vocals will get the crowd clapping and singing along, from 50s doo-wop to Top 40. Please scroll down to contact for more detail. Promo Link : https://youtu.be/4c1ctG_WdI8

Gabie Lopez 

For bookings and more info please leave your name, email and phone number. Along with a message as to what you are contacting about. Thank you and look forward to chatting!!

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